Sustainable International Trade Opportunities

The Pacific Alliance Trade Show is an international program oriented to SMEs from South Pacific Region, where a large delegation of international guests will meet at Hilton Toronto for an international convention and exhibition in October 14, 15, 16 - 2018.
PATS 2018 will be a great international experience and sustainable business opportunities for all attendants.
Participation is limited to a select number of companies.

The Pacific Alliance Trade Show will highlight First-in-Canada display of unique offerings of products and services by carefully selected micro and small-sized enterprises (MiSEs), from the Pacific Region countries.

It is designed to promote private sector participation in joint projects and other activities the participants decide to undertake, concentrating on micro and small sized enterprises (MiSEs). It offers a platform for commercial integration, developing common objectives and sharing best practices in several areas, such as:

  • Trade Facilitation and Promotion
  • Education and Training
  • Innovation and Technology 
  • Responsible Natural Resources Development
  • and Corporate Social Responsibility

These selected micro and small companies, from each member country, will have the privilege to participate in an International Program and the benefits to those SMEs attending will extend beyond the trade show itself, allowing them the opportunity to travel to Canada on business and open up a range of new opportunities.


The organizers of The Pacific Alliance Trade Show are Pro&Pro Promo & Production, a private Canadian company and has no relationship with public or government agencies at all.