This is your opportunity to establish important business contacts in Canada and with Pacific Alliance member countries, to learn new skills and open new markets!


A limited number of carefully selected companies, from each member country, will have the privilege of attending as Exhibitors to an International Trade Show in Toronto, Canada.

The benefits for those MiSEs attending will extend beyond the trade show itself, allowing companies attending the opportunity to travel to Canada on business and open up a range of new opportunities.

The event will bring together 5 business sectors under one umbrella:

1. Food & Beverages

2. Services & Tourism
3. Handicrafts of the Aboriginal 
4. Fashion and Apparel
5. Innovation & Technology


Upcoming Events

Sesión Informativa  MEXICO

Miércoles 28 de Febrero, 2018

10:30 AM



 Dakota 95, Col. Nápoles

C.P. 03810, MEXICO D.F.

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Sesión Informativa  Lima - PERU

Martes 9 de Enero, 2018

9:00 AM


Lima, PERU

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Sesión Informativa Santiago - CHILE

Jueves 11 de Enero, 2018

9:00 AM

Hotel Crowne Plaza, Salón Atacama

Metro Baquedano

Santiago, CHILE

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