General Information

In 2011, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru established an initiative for regional integration designed to foster the free movement of goods, services, capital, and people among Pacific Alliance member countries.


Canada, which already has free trade agreements with all four Alliance members, was invited in June 2017 to become an Associate Pacific Alliance Member.


Canada's total merchandise trade with Pacific Alliance member countries reached a value of CDN$48 billion in 2016.  Alliance member countries account for more than 75% of Canada's two-way trade with Latin America.

With its growing middle class and open, market-driven economies, Pacific Alliance offers immense potential for business partnerships that will support growth, opportunities, and middle-class jobs in both Canada and Latin America.

As a group, Pacific Alliance countries represent the eighth economic power and the eighth export force worldwide.  In the Latin American and Caribbean region (LAC), they account for 36.4% of the GDP, 57.6% of total trade and have attracted 40.5% of inward foreign direct investment to the region.  With a young and increasingly qualified population, this grouping of some 225 million inhabitants constitutes and important market for Canada.


The Pacific Alliance Trade Show will highlight First-in-Canada display of unique offerings of products and services by carefully selected small- and medium-size enterprises (SMES), from each of the member countries: CHILE, COLOMBIA, MEXICO and PERU.


The need for an integrated platform for conducting business and to take advantage of the existing free trade agreements between Canada and Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, has led Pro&Pro Promo & Production Inc. and its associates in Canada to host this event that seeks to create a "Business Village" for SMEs, offering an innovative service to meet the needs of the participants in the areas of: business platforms, integrated logistics, introduction to the international marketplace based on the experience and training of a group of highly qualified professionals. The proven experience of these individuals in more than seven years of creation and active participation in international events: trade shows, B2B, commercial missions throughout Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia, together with their deep knowledge of the Canadian market, creating and developing promotional campaigns and showcases, constituting a link between companies in Latin America and Canada since its creation gives them the background for this venture.


Pro&Pro Promo & Production Inc is a Canadian company led by a multi-disciplinary group of highly qualified professionals who each have post-graduate studies and over 15 years of related senior work experience, 7 years in Canada.  The CEO an entrepreneur woman, holder of the internationally recognized CITP/FIBP qualification in International Trade. Her preparation includes extensive practical industry experience and she hold post-secondary qualifications in International Trade from two countries. Her more than 6 years of experience as Export Coordinator at a Canadian manufacturer with markets around the world give her perspective on the matters of interest at the Trade Show.  She also brings a special sensitivity for women's role and goals in business and international trade and she is offering her experience to the new generations in matters of gender and business.